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What people are saying and why!

I was able to open a state of the art music and media studio with the help of Creative Real Estate Pros. Thanks Lovell!
by Junior Garcia
Owner, Goat Studios Inc.
Lovell and his team are fantastic, they were organized on time he showed me fantastic apartments with keeping in my budget. We start working together on one apartment but once he knew what I was looking he was able to find 2 more for same day viewing. Communication was simple, phone call and a text, nice simple straight forward and fast. Great Team!
by Conor S.
, Lifeline Inc.
Lovell and his team were super helpful in finding us the best apartment for mine and my bf's needs (at the WORST time - January!). they showed us a few places but truly listened to our needs and didn't waste our time by showing is places we didn't want/couldn't afford. two years later, my bf and I are moving out (in pursuit of a different neighborhood and a bigger space), and I couldn't find my current lease! I emailed Lovell and he responded with all my scanned paperwork THAT DAY! great service and helpful/friendly realtors.
by Dani D.
Creative Solutions, Rare Breed Inc.

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Our Fair Housing Policy


At Creative Real Estate Pros our salespeople and employees commit to the following:

  • Providing equal professional service to all, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin or other protected status of any prospective client, customer or resident of any community.
  • Keeping informed about fair housing laws and practices, thereby expanding upon our customers’ and clients’ opportunities.
  • Demonstrating through advertising and the media that everyone is welcome and no one is excluded.
  • Informing our clients and customers about our rights and responsibilities under the fair housing laws.
  • Documenting our efforts to provide equal professional service whenever possible.
  • Respecting the diversity and differences within our customer base, and remaining informed on those differences in order to provide Truly Remarkable Service.
  • Taking a positive approach to fair housing practices and aspiring to follow the letter and spirit of the law.
  • Committing to continue in the development and implementation of fair housing practices in accordance with our leadership role in the real estate profession.
  • Refusing to tolerate non-compliance.

Standardized Operating Procedures for Purchasers of Real Estate Pursuant to Real Property Law §442-H

Creative Real Estate Pros is making these Standardized Operating Procedures available to the public. Hard copies of these Standardized Operating Procedures are available upon request at our office.

Standardized Operating Procedures for Prospective Homebuyers in Order to Receive Services from Creative Real Estate Pros:

  • There is no general requirement to provide photo identification in order to work with Creative Real Estate Pros. However, prior to entry to our office, customers may be required to present photo identification for security or similar purposes. Also, individual property owners, certain sponsor/developer-clients, or managing-agents or certain listing brokers may require photo identification prior to a showing or to work with them, and we will communicate this information to buyers when such a situation arises.
  • An exclusive buyer representation agreement is not required to work with Creative Real Estate Pros.
  • A pre-approval for a mortgage loan is not required to work with Creative Real Estate Pros, per se, however, individual property owners, certain sponsor/developer-clients, or certain listing brokers may require one – and if so, we will communicate such fact to buyers when such a situation arises.

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